loud1 [laud] adj comparative louder superlative loudest
[: Old English; Origin: hlud]
1.) making a lot of noise
≠ ↑quiet
The book fell to the floor with a loud bang.
The music was so loud that I had to shout.
'Who's there?' asked David in a loud voice.
2.) someone who is loud talks too loudly and confidently
The more Tom drank, the louder he became.
3.) loud clothes are too bright or have too many bright patterns
= ↑garish, gaudy ↑gaudy
a loud checked suit
4.) be loud in your praise/opposition/support etc
to express your approval or disapproval very strongly
The local business community was loud in its support for the scheme.
>loudly adv
Ben laughed loudly.
She spoke more loudly than she intended.
>loudness n [U]
similar words: noisy, booming, raucous, rowdy
extremely loud: deafening, earsplitting, thunderous
loud 2
loud2 adv comparative louder superlative loudest
1.) spoken in a way that makes a lot of noise
= ↑loudly
Could you speak a little louder?
You've got the telly on too loud.
2.) loud and clear
in a way that is very easy to understand
The message came through loud and clear.
3.) out loud
in such a way that people can hear you
= ↑aloud
Read it out loud, so we can all hear.
Harriet laughed out loud in astonishment.
actions speak louder than words ataction1 (13)
for crying out loud atcry1 (4)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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